Faraday cups
Beam profilers
Emittance scanners

Turnkey systems

Beamlines (L-M-H EBT)
High voltage decks
Equipped diagnostics tanks
C&C systems
Carbon dating system
Vacuum systems

Special devices

Electrostatic devices
Beam intensity modulator
Plasma treatment
Beam chopper
Vacuum chambers
Wien filter


To design your custom-made project, from beam optics
to acquisition and control and command systems

On-site installation & services

To save time before running your
first beam or experiment: installation, alignment,
commissioning, default diagnostics https://www.traditionrolex.com/29

System upgrades

To enhance your system's
performances : ion source, beamline or
single function improvement

Equipment maintenance

To solve your troubles and increase
the availability of your system:
Spare parts, Hotline, Intervention


To develop your team skill:
Theoretical and practical training
at Pantechnik’s or your facility

Beam tests

To realize your experiments:
Any ion, customized parameters and program


From table-top equipment to big facilities, dedicated to research in

  • Atomic physics
  • Nuclear
  • Materials and surface science
  • Semiconductors
  • Plasma physics
  • Fusion
  • Space
  • Archeology


  • Semiconductor
  • Surface treatment
  • Spectrometry
  • Nuclear
  • Pharmaceutical


  • Hadron & Proton therapy
  • Radiopharma, BNCT
  • Sterilization


  • Imaging
  • Detection
  • Analysis

Open to external users

Come and irradiate or implant your samples on our beamline.

 Mono- or multi-charged ions, any species, high ion flux.

Contact us for a customized test program.

About us in main page

Pantechnik products are renown for
their quality and longevity.
It is only possible following our rule “No compromise on Quality”, and by committing daily to improvement. Pantechnik is ISO 9001 : 2015


Pantechnik is always looking for
bright and passionate people.
If you
are this kind, drop your resume.



Z.I. 13 Rue de la Resistance 
14400 BAYEUX
Tel :  +33 231 512 760
Email:  contact@pantechnik.com